Finding Relief from Back Pain and Improving Overall Body Health in Calgary

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Back and Body Health – Back pain is an extremely common issue that affects people of all ages. Approximately 80% of adults experience back pain at some point in their lives. This article provides an informational overview of back pain, including potential causes, risk factors, symptoms, and both treatment and prevention options,

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If You Sit At Work…

IF YOU SIT AT WORK – THIS IS SOMETHING YOU NEED TO KNOW! You have probably heard of the term “ergonomics” but may not understand how important this can be to you? Ergonomics is simply matching the work to the worker….but it is slightly more complex than that. I will give you 3 basic steps

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Hot vs Cold Treatment

My patients often wonder and ask me whether to use heat or cold after they feel pain. My general rule of thumb is to think about what each is designed to do. ICE is usually used to reduce inflammation, which includes redness, swelling, pain, heat, and/or loss of movement . Applying ice to the affected area

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40, Fit and Fabulous

Hi everyone! Welcome to the Active Back to Health blog. My name is Pauline and I am one of the massage therapists in our office. I have been a fitness competitor for many years, and I often get asked how I stay looking so young (and fit) as I get older. We can’t stop from

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