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Check out the various lab testing services we offer at Active Back to Health. 

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Female Hormone Assessment

Salivary analysis of estradiol, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA and morning cortisol. Rationale for testing: hormonal symptoms, weight gain, depression, sleep disturbances, hot flashes, and bone loss.

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Male Hormone Assessment

Salivary analysis of testosterone, estradiol, DHEA, and morning cortisol. Rationale for testing: hormonal symptoms, erectile dysfunction, enlarged prostate, depression, hair loss, memory loss and weight gain.

Adrenal Panel/ Cortisol Curve

Measures the body's response to stress 
by testing saliva or urine samples of cortisol on waking, at lunch, at dinner and before bed. Provides information on how your adrenals, hypothalamus and pituitary glands are managing your stress.

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Thyroid Blood Testing

Measures TSH, freeT3, freeT4, and TPO. This testing is generally performed if a patient is experiencing known or suspected thyroid concerns and provides information to optimize the function of the thyroid.

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Food Sensitivity Testing (IgG)

Measures delayed reactions from specific foods and herbs in the blood. Rationale for testing: digestive issues, weight concerns, headaches, chronic pain, inflammation, headaches, skin conditions, lowered immune system and fatigue.

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Generalized Testing

A wide variety of blood and urine testing can be provided through Calgary Lab Services including: thyroid testing, cholesterol panel, liver analysis, kidney function assessment, iron/ferritin, B12, vitamin D and many other tests.

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Please call the office (403) 252-3316 to find out more information on laboratory testing including fees. Are you a new patient? Check out the new patient page.

*We direct bill a number of insurance companies. Most of our health services are covered in whole or part by extended health insurance plans.

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