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Our Team

Our Mission

To be the clinic of choice for natural health care in South Calgary. We are a team of health professionals who work together to provide a warm and supportive environment.

Our Teams

A Bit About Us

For over 23 years, our esteemed wellness practice has been a beacon of trust and excellence in the realm of chiropractic and massage therapy. Our legacy is not just in the number of years we’ve been in business, but in the lives we’ve touched and transformed. With over 27,000 patients treated, our impact speaks for itself.

What truly sets us apart is the overwhelming appreciation from those we’ve served. With 800+ 5/5 star reviews, our patients’ testimonials echo our commitment to unparalleled care and expertise.

Our team, a robust ensemble of 12 dedicated clinicians, brings to the table an astounding 230 years of combined clinical experience. This wealth of knowledge ensures that every patient receives care that’s both seasoned and innovative.

At Active Back to Health, we believe in a collaborative approach to healthcare. We understand that every individual is unique, and our holistic, team-based strategy ensures that all facets of your well-being are addressed, harmonizing your physical and mental health.

Choose us, and be part of a legacy that prioritizes your health above all. Welcome to the Active Back to Health difference!

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