A woman diligently focused at a table writing in a notebook, prioritizing her back health as part of her New Year's resolutions.

10 Top New Year’s Resolutions for Good Back Health

You get ONE spine to last your entire lifetime. Looking after your back before it gives you problems only makes sense. We can help you do that. Here are 10 TIPS:

  1. Sleep Well –Getting 7-10 hours of restful sleep a night is important to your overall health.
  2. Move. Keeping active is KEY to longevity. Sitting has replaced smoking as the #1 health risk.
  3. Lift properly and protect your back. Being a hero now can cost you later on.
  4. Practice good posture – daily habits will last a lifetime. Sit and walk TALL.
  5. Beware of poor ergonomics – laptops and cell phones are terrible for promoting poor posture
  6. Eat properly – nutritious food provides the building blocks for tissue repair and function.
  7. Practice safety – prevent falls. Annually 1 in 3 seniors will fall, often with serious consequences.
  8. Be aware when things don’t feel right and get them checked out.
  9. Prevention is cheap compared to treatment. Look after your body like you do your car.
  10. Find a chiropractor you can work with to keep your spine healthy.

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