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Are Prenatal Massages Safe?

Are Prenatal Massages Safe?

Performing a prenatal massage is a powerful treatment that expectant mothers can undergo to ease themselves of stress and become calm. Prenatal massages are usually carried out by a registered massage therapist who is familiar with the intricacies involved with pregnancy and how it affects the female body. However, it’s completely normal to take precautions and be wary of any possible complications — hence, the common question “Are prenatal massages safe?”

In this article, we’ll highlight just how prenatal massages work, their benefits and how and when to/not to apply them.

What are prenatal massages?

Prenatal massages are performed by registered massage therapists out to help pregnant women ease pains associated with pregnancy. With these therapy activities, they can experience calmness, relaxation and relief. Most of the issues prenatal massages attend to include leg cramps, depression, anxiety, tension and pregnancy pains.

The earliest forms of prenatal massages were seen in countries like Jamaica, Japan, Mexico and Malaysia. In Jamaica, the labour stage was first evaluated before the process could effectively begin. In Japan, midwives would perform acupressure, foot, and leg massages during pregnancy to deliver. In Mexico, Aztec midwives would concentrate on the mother’s legs because they believed that the feet indicate fetal prowess.

Pregnancy massages are also a great way to help reduce nervous tension and improve blood circulation. But to be on the safe side, clients should consider speaking with their therapist and obstetrician to evaluate their overall fitness before receiving a pregnancy massage.

Benefits of prenatal massages

If you’re not new to the art of giving birth, you may already be aware of the benefits associated with prenatal massages. However, most mothers might be reading or hearing about such for the first time!

Here are some of the most notable benefits of receiving a prenatal massage near you:

  • It reduces the stress that expectant mothers might experience during pregnancy. According to The Journal of Complementary Therapies in Nursing and Midwifery, massage therapy has been found to relieve symptoms such as tight muscles, contraptions, and increased heart pulse and beats.
  • It helps to relieve joint pains by increasing the flexibility of your muscles.
  • As a pregnant mother, you need a lot of sleep! When you perform pregnancy massages, you’ll be relieved of all insignificant stress. Therefore, you should be able to relax better without any stress and sleep more soundly.
  • During pregnancy, you might experience some forms of swelling. However, this can be solved with the aid of prenatal massages.
  • It also helps to relieve expectant mothers of headaches and other symptoms (including heartburns).


Most of the time, we’re happy to report that prenatal massages can be considered completely safe — so long as you review any possible complications with your doctor, that they give you a green light and that you are working with a qualified, registered massage therapist that is trained to deal with the specifics involved with this type of massage.

To avoid any form of complication, you should avoid any prenatal massages during the first three months of your pregnancy to prevent morning sickness.

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