A man is getting a home massage on his back.

It’s Not Me, It’s You

That’s what’s important here. You. (and your health) If not for you this relationship wouldn’t exist and, quite frankly, I need you so I can eat. (and I like to eat, heck I’ve even won contests …but I digress) You reading this and hopefully, coming to get a massage, means you’re probably health conscious. You’ve also got a LOT of choices, I know that.

I remember a time in my youth when healthy options were far fewer. A workout then meant going for a run OR venturing into a basement gym with dripping pipes where a character like Izzy Mandelbaum might make you box a kangaroo. Nowadays it seems like a new fitness trend appears monthly. From A-Z, Aerobics derivatives (think 80’s tv and the 20 minute workout!) all the way to Zumba (even yoga on surfboards), there are a dizzying array of choices. The point is NOT that you need to try them all, it’s that you need to do SOMETHING! You.

Maybe you’re interested in losing a few pounds. Depending on where you’re starting from (and the approval of your doctor), perhaps a pound per week is a reasonable goal. If that seems paltry, make it two. The point is: you’re responsible for you and what goes in your mouth. (Unless you’re VERY young and then kudos for reading this and being health savvy ahead of the game. Make good choices. In 10-20, years you really won’t regret it).

If you’re like MOST of my clients, you already make a pretty good attempt at health and fitness. I see a lot of recreational athletes and that makes me very happy. You don’t need to strive for the Olympics, although that’s an honourable goal. I’ve known some Olympians and they’re remarkably dedicated. Your motivation may be to play with your grandkids without pain. That’s INCREDIBLY worthy. Let’s do away with all the excuses, though. Don’t attempt to fool yourself and cheapen the whole venture. Simply take responsibility to make a small improvement and build from there. There will be setbacks and failures. Even those Olympians experienced plateaus in their development. That’s OK, but you’ve got to DO something!!!

A very wise person once said “life is movement, …and movement is life”.

I embrace that wholeheartedly! So be moved, …physically and emotionally. Go for a short walk after supper. Progress to a longer one on the weekend. Join a class, a group typically provides motivation. Don’t ‘settle’. When you come to see me (or another health practitioner), ask questions. I can modify your treatment if it’s getting too predictable. Trust me, we can make it VERY specific. However, I’m not psychic enough to know if you’d like more or less pressure, louder or softer (or DIFFERENT) music or would prefer more or less conversation. Many of you know that I’d LOVE to talk skis, bikes & travel with you, but ultimately it’s what YOU want.

It’s my belief that I offer good value. My colleagues are also very conscientious. However we can far more effectively improve our product if we know what YOU want. So be part of that conversation and give feedback. As I’ve often said, “Just because I’ve had a bad meal in a restaurant, doesn’t mean I’m going to stop going to restaurants”.

Take responsibility for YOURSELF and then let’s collaborate to make each of us more successful!

I’m really looking forward to seeing YOU!!!

PS “Get out there”!

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