A man and a child having fun riding a bike in a park.

Kids Say the Funniest Things

By Liz Ruggles, RMT

Those of us that are parents or even grandparents truly understand the concept of the phrase “time flies”. We are always told “kids grow up way too fast” and being a parent myself, I am way too familiar with how true that is. My kids, Nick and Layla, are both teenagers now! TEENAGERS! Excuse me for freaking out, but it’s insane how when they’re little you become so busy changing diapers, introducing new foods, starting kindergarten, teaching them how to ride a bike, going to their grade 6 grad, and so on and so that suddenly they’re not so little anymore. Just. Like. That. Or so it seems. When my kids were little, my mother always said “Enjoy them now and make sure you write down all the sweet things they say or do, so you can always look back and remember”. Well, I’m glad I listened to her because I did write down a lot of the cutest things they said and now I can look back and share them with the kids. So, on the lighter side of things, I’ll share a few of the sweetest and funniest things they have said in the past. Hope these bring a smile to your face as they do for me.

My husband and I were talking about cutting down a huge tree in our yard. Layla (aged 3) looked the tree up and down and said “We are gonna have to find some REALLY big scissors to cut down THAT tree!”

While on vacation in BC, we went for a family hike. I noticed everyone, but Nick (aged 7) was helping by carrying something. I said to him, “You should also be helping by carrying something, like a water bottle.” He said “I AM carrying something! I’m carrying my heart!!”

One wintry day, as I was driving Layla (aged 8) to her swimming lessons, I jokingly said to her “Man, it’s slippery out! Just wait until you get your license and you get to drive ME to places!” And she replied “Where would I drive you to? The old folks’ home??”

Close to the end of our vacation Layla (aged 9) announced, “I can’t wait to get back home so I can fart in my OWN bed!”

While playing a trivia game, the question asked to finish the slogan “make love not….” so Layla (aged 11) blurts out “Make love NOT BABIES!!”

While playing a video game, a car exploded on screen. Nick (aged 8) yelled out “He KABOOMED!”

Layla (aged 4- on liking sweets…)
“I don’t have a sweet tooth, I have lots of them. I taste with ALL my teeth.”

One summer day, Layla (aged 4) came running in from playing outside and said “I’m so thirsty! The hot sun drank me up!”

Nick (aged 7) “There’s a BOUNCY on his head!” Me, correcting him “A BOUNTY, not a bouncy.”

Layla (aged 5 – on all the birthday parties she was invited to…) “Wow! It seems like EVERYONE has a birthday this year!”

While grocery shopping with Layla (aged 3) I allowed her to choose one bag of chips to buy. She saw the “hot wings” flavoured Doritos with a picture of flames on it (to indicate they were very spicy). She said “Oh, can’t get those, there’s fire in there!”

One day I asked Layla (aged 3) if I could play with her and she replied “No, I’m not a toy, I’m a people!”

At Halloween when Layla (aged 4) heard kids at our door. She exclaimed “Oh! We’ve got customers!!”

Going out for supper at Applebys, Layla (aged 5) whined “But I don’t want to eat apples or bees for supper!”

I poured Nick (aged 9) a Pepsi and as he leaned in to drink it he said “The bubbles are spitting on my face!”

An unfamiliar number showed up on our call display. Both Layla (aged 7) and Nick (aged 9) yelled “oh oh! It’s a TELEPORTER!” (Telemarketer)

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