Cupping Therapy with Liz Ruggles

I am extremely excited to offer Cupping Therapy at Active Back to Health Center! There are many types of cupping but I practice the dry/cold cupping therapy technique. I received my training in Winnipeg about 4 years ago and have gotten amazing and positive results with my patients.

Cupping therapy utilizes a cup (or a series of cups) that is placed over the area of concern/pain and with a vacuum-like suction, will draw up some tissue into the cups. Usually, the cups will be left in place for approximately 10-15 mins. After the cups are removed you may be left with a light or dark mark, depending on how much toxins and stagnant blood there is in the tissues. These toxins and/or stagnant or “old” blood that’s been in the tissue can cause tightness, pain, and restriction in range of motion.

The marks left behind may range in color from very light to dark spots, depending on the type of deficiency you may have. Often the marks look like bruises, however, they are not because with bruising there is usually broken blood vessels and damage to the tissues. These marks left behind are the toxins and old blood that was causing pain and problems in the underlying muscle tissues. The marks could last anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks.

Once these toxins and stagnant blood are brought to the surface of the skin, then the circulatory and lymphatic system will kick in to help clean up the waste materials.

The benefits of Cupping therapy are huge!

It aids in bringing fresh blood and nutrients to the muscle tissues leaving it nourished, relaxed and an increase in movement with less or no pain. Not only does it help to relax tight muscle tissue, it helps patients with:

Poor or restricted lymph flow or circulation
Scar tissue
Inflamed or painful joint and tissues
Nervous energy or anxiety
Need for detoxification
Organ toning and balancing
Tissue regeneration
Improved local vasculature

Assists patients with the following conditions:

Flaccid and undernourished skin & muscle tissue
Blood pressure
Bronchial complaints
Pain – chronic and acute
Plantar fasciitis
Athletic performance and recovery
Increased skin regeneration and healing

Add Cupping Therapy for only $20* more to your usual massage session and feel the benefits. For more information, call the clinic today!

* first-time visit only. Regular price is $30 extra added to your regular massage fee for each additional sessions.

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