A springtime blossoming tree in front of a skyscraper in Calgary.

Yayyyy – Springtime in Calgary

What does that even mean?

Well it probably means SNOW – more SNOW (and possibly wind and rain).

There is something about spring and the thoughts of warmth, sunshine and green grass. It’s kind of like New Year’s resolutions all over again. We start thinking about activities we can do outside like gardening, cutting the grass, planting flowers, going for walks and starting a new exercise program. Many of us have hibernated through the winter yet unlike many animals we come out of our hibernation with extra weight rather than lean and skinny.

Spring is the time for tuneups and getting things in order for the fun and activities of summer. Time for a tuneup for your car, motorcycle or lawnmower. Trees and shrubs get tuned up or trimmed in anticipation of a period of growth.

I highly recommend a tuneup for our bodies as well prior to the increased activities that spring and summer bring.

That hibernating body is often stiff and doesn’t quite move like it should. Chiropractic care is known for pain relief and restoring function after injuries. Many patients also use chiropractic care to maintain function and find that it keeps the joints and muscles moving freely. If we don’t use certain movements or stretch properly we will slowly lose our normal range of motion – if you don’t use it you will lose it.

Healthy joints and muscles can move through their full range of motion freely and without pain or stiffness. Wouldn’t it be great if our brain was in springtime mode and our physical bodies could function as they should.

Spring is in the air…..time to put the spring into your step….come in for a spring tune-up!

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