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Handling Stress in Stressful Times

In these uncertain times revolving around COVID-19, there are many stressors that can get you down. However, there are also various ways you can learn to handle them and cope. At Active Back To Health, we have a few pointers. After all, we are in this together. 

So, what is the best way to handle stress? What can you do to get through these uncertain times? In this blog, we’ve broken down some of our most effective coping strategies to help you best-manage stress during these trying times.


1. Exercise

With gyms closed, we know it can prove difficult to motivate yourself to perform an at-home workout with minimal equipment. However, during this time, there has also been a huge influx of options for at-home exercise. In the past month, we’ve seen an influx of countless videos appearing online, with a variety of different exercise strategies. There’s never been a better time than now to start a healthy exercise routine — especially at home.

Plus, exercise is an excellent way to combat stress. Exercise releases endorphins, which are our body’s natural pain relievers. These chemicals can make you feel good and reduce the level of stress signals in your body. So, start moving! It’ll help. And if you are new to exercise, consider just doing a little bit each day. Even just small strides will help towards mitigating stress.


2. Divide Your Workspace From Your Play Space

How do you handle stress at work when work is right at home? Our current requirements to stay home can make it difficult to separate the two — not to mention that our current setups definitely make it easier to bring that stress into your leisure time. Separating your work from your relaxation space can help lessen this. Set up your work area in a different room. Give yourself that space to breath and unwind. That way, when you are done work for the day, you can leave your workspace and leave any work stress with it.

It can also help to learn how to set-up your office in the most ergonomic way possible. This means adjusting your keyboard, chair, desk and screen to limit any neck or back pain. In turn, you may experience less stress due to any potential stiffness or tension in the body, as well as to truly be able to relax when you leave your workspace.


3. Narrow in on Your Nutrition

The old saying, ‘you are what you eat,’ isn’t that far from the truth. If you are eating foods with tons of chemicals and additives in them, you will likely experience higher stress levels. At the same time, as tempting as it is to sit inside and munch on junk food, taking care of your health has never been more important than right now.

Your nutrition is your foundation. If you are going to start anywhere, start here. Cut out the processed and pre-packaged food items. Gain a better understanding regarding what you put in your body.


4. Book a Virtual Consult with Active Back To Health!

Need help coping? At Active Back to Health, our office is offering virtual care for our counselling, naturopath and chiropractic clients. Surprisingly, a lot of insurance companies are currently covering this cost right now! 

You can also stay tuned on our website, where we are developing several educational video clips that are focused on:

  • Handling stress, anxiety, and relationships during COVID-19
  • A low-tech at-home exercise protocol to help you stay active!
  • How to set up your home office properly to reduce back and neck strain (there’s a way! Let us show you how)
  • Keys to eating right to boost your immune system

If you have any health concerns, feel free to contact our team today! We are more than happy to assist you and help you and your family through these difficult times.

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