Does Kinesio Taping Actually Work?

Maybe you’ve seen other active individuals with bright coloured tape on their limbs or torso. Or perhaps your chiropractor or massage therapist has recommended Kinesio taping for you. 

And now you’re curious. Does it actually work?

In this article, we’ll dive into everything related to Kinesio taping. You’ll find out what it is, how it works and the overall benefits of it.

What is Kinesio Taping?
Kinesio taping is a rehabilitative taping method that promotes and supports proper healing. Unlike bandages or casts, this type of taping doesn’t limit the user’s range of motion due to its stretchy material. 

Instead, it acts to enhance the effects already applied by manual therapy methods, such as chiropractic manipulations or massage therapy techniques. It also alleviates pain and helps reduce swelling through proper drainage. It’s used to treat injuries, support weak areas, improve performance, reduce scar tissue build-up and help re-educate specific muscles or muscle groups.

A person can wear Kinesio taping for three to five days in a row. Usually, you can tell when it’s time to take it off. The edges will start to come up due to reduced adhesiveness over time. 

Generally, the tape is applied based on an individual’s needs. Your therapist or chiropractor may use a combination of ‘I,’ ‘Y,’ or ‘X’ shapes for optimal effectiveness. Athletes or active individuals can use this muscle support tape in various sports, including water activities since it is water-resistant. 

However, Kinesio tape isn’t suitable for every situation. Certain circumstances where Kinesio tape isn’t applicable include:

  • Sores on the skin
  • Open wounds
  • Reactions to the tape or tape material
  • Certain skin conditions
  • Deep vein thrombosis

How It Works

This stick-on muscle support tape is thought to work through sensory feedback loops in the 

body. Basically, this means that the person is aware the tape is on that part of their body. In turn, this means they may be more careful when they go to move that body part. 

Many experts also indicate that Kinesio taping helps lift the skin from the connective tissues below. It can also compress these tissues, depending on what is required for the patient or client. This is thought to alter the pain signal sent to the brain, resulting in the person wearing the tape feeling decreased pain.

The Benefits of Kinesio Taping

The benefits ultimately depend on how the tape is applied. And how the tape is applied frequently depends on your situation and your needs. However, benefits often include:

1. Reduced Pain
Many sport injury experts use Kinesio taping to reduce pain levels for the patient. However, this is thought to be more effective when used in combination with manual therapy techniques.

2. Reduced Risk of Injury
After or before an injury, taping can help support weak spots. In turn, this may lessen your chances of experiencing pain or injury. This tape can also be used for re-training certain muscles, such as helping to correct poor posture. This may also contribute to a decreased risk of injury.

3. Improved Performance

Many athletes and active individuals use taping to help improve their performance by protecting them from injury or supporting weakened areas. It may also be used as a reminder to activate specific muscles.

The Verdict…

So does it work? In short, yes! Yet, as previously mentioned, Kinesio taping is more effective when combined with other treatments. 
If you’re ready to try out Kinesio taping in Calgary, Alberta, click here to contact our team at Active Back To Health today. Discover how taping can help you achieve peak performance, recover from injury or reduce your risk of injury altogether.

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